Friday, March 9, 2007

What a weekend: Update

Well I finally got the tire taken care of. Went down to the local tire shop, the only one in town, and dropped off the tire to get it patched but when the guy pulled it out there was a huge, gaping, hole in the tire!!!!! I was laughing when he showed it to me, it was big enough for me to stick my hand in, lol. So I told them to go ahead and put a new on there and I would be back later in the afternoon to pick it, Savie and I were on our way to the gym and then to the park. So now my tire is fixed, one of them anyways, and Savie and I spent the whole day out of the house, espically since it was about 75 today. It's suppose to be nice all thru next week let's hope this is true. I broke down and bought Savie a pair of sandals but we'll go to PayLess or something to buy us some more.