Monday, March 26, 2007

Let's keep this straight, ok??

Most days I think it's cute that my husband and I don't agree on how to do things. I have a certain way of washing dishes and the way that he does it, on the rare occasion that he does, is just wrong to me. I think Savie needs more soap on her pouf when she takes a shower then when he does it, etc. But there are certain things that I don't find cute.

I have been teaching Savie sign language. I don't remember a lot so I can only teach her a few of the things I know, she can "say" 'eat' and 'drink', recognizes 'thank you' and I'm working on 'potty' , 'happy', and 'play'. But for some reason when Mike sees her say 'eat' he asks her if she wants something to drink. Don't confuse her!!!!! She knows what she is saying when she does them, don't reinterpret them. He says he knows what she is asking for when she does it but that it doesn't mean the same thing when she says it to him. It doesn't work that way, if she says drink to me then it means drink to everyone else in world, that's like telling her "when this person says yes, that means no". It has to mean the same thing every time she says it, it just makes the matter worse later on.
But I shouldn't be surprised, he still thinks she wears diapers when she has on training pants (which I call panties), and that she drinks out of a bottle when we have sippy cups. There is a difference.