Monday, March 26, 2007

Let me start by saying that I love dogs. I have a dog, well actually I had 2 but that's another story. I love the fact that I live in a very dog friendly place, where you can go just about anywhere with your dog, regardless of size, and it's ok. I'm not talking about going to the park with them I'm talking about going downtown and going into a few stores with them, galleries with them. Most of the stores in downtown have water bowls outside for the dogs and treats for them too. Maybe it's because it's Arizona but there are water bowls everywhere. Hubby would go to the bar with his dog Jess if he was still alive, he did it back in CA. Even the mail people are happy to see the dogs our mail guy throws a dog treat to all the dogs on his route.
My problem is with the loose dogs, the ones that you know have a home but the owners have done nothing to make sure that the dogs stay in their yards. I see this every day, there are 3 dogs on my block alone (there's only 4 house's on my block) and when I take Halley, my English Pointer, out for a walk early in the morning we must pass at least 15 more on my mile and half walk. There a couple of house's that I don't walk by because I'm never sure if the dog is in the yard or not and I don't want to be in the middle of a dog fight that early in the day. What got me thinking about this is this blog, I was looking around and came across her post about Toddlers and Dogs. This is so true. I hate the fact there are so many dogs running loose in the part of town. Savie isn't afraid of them but Halley thinks she has to protect us from every dog we see so I end up being pulled in two directions, Halley pulling me forward trying to get to the other dog and myself trying to pull Savie along and stop her from yelling at the dog. Some days it's just to much but sooner or later they will both get past this, this thing they have with the other dog. I can't wait for the day that Halley is just going to ignore the other dog.