Thursday, March 8, 2007

Some days

Some days I feel bad when I talk to other moms. Not because I have a perfect life or think that I am better then but when they talk about how they are having a hard time getting their child to eat veggies or getting them to sleep all night. I feel like I should do something to help them but there's nothing I can do or say to help.

Like just the other day we were at the library and one of the the other moms was saying that her son was teething really bad and nothing she did was helping. Well I can't help here since Savie never did this. Save got her first teeth when she was 1 and I wasn't the one to notice it, my mother was (thanks mom)!!!!!! And even after that she was fine, she didn't have a fever, she didn't fuss, the only thing is everything had to go in her mouth. That was fine with me. But what do I do when another mom is talking about her child fussing all day, not wanting to eat/nurse, not sleeping at night? There's nothing I can do but give them a sympathetic smile and offer something that I heard another mom say or something I read in a book, hoping that this, in some way, helps her.

I'm not bragging that my child is perfect but I am so happy to have not gone thru a lot of trauma's with her. So far the bad things that have happened to her have been small. She's fallen off a couch onto tile floor at a friends house when she was a year, she's gotten sick to the point where I've had to take her to the ER once but to me that is not major, nothing to really think twice about. It just seems to remind me that everything about her, from her delivery until now, has been easy but then it makes me wonder, when is the other shoe going to fall?