Friday, September 5, 2008

Football Friday

I'm hoping this will become a regular thing for me. Since I am having problems with my computer and can't upload pictures for Sky Watch Friday I am going to post about the local high school football game.

Tonight's game was a good one. I was hoping that Savie would go with me but she fell asleep not long after we got home. Oh well I was just going to have to get over the whole thing and walk down there by myself. (The field is only 6 blocks down the street from my house). I changed my pants and got ready to go. Had to make sure that i had a flashlight because there are javelina's and stuff out there. Plus a couple of the street lights are out on some of these streets so who knows what's out there after dark. It was a nice walk down there. As usual I missed the first quarter, I did the same thing last year. When I arrived at the field it was 18-7 Bisbee. Great start, much better than last weeks game against our rivals, Doulgas, where we lost 35-0. After trying very hard to keep the academy out of the endzone we went into the half 24-14 Bisbee. At the start of the 3rd quarter we where down by 3 pts. There were a couple of turnovers that were just badly handled on our part. They used the same play like 5 times in a row, a miss direct with the same players. I hope they work on that next week at practice.
We were looking a little sloppy during the 4th quarter but pulled it out to win 48-28. Like I said, a much better game then last week.

One of the things I love about this town is that so many people know other people and not just enough to say hi but really know them. I don't have any kids in school yet I go to the football games and some of the other fundraising stuff they may have. My thinking is this, if I want the school to be better then it is now when my child goes I need to start helping make it that way now, not when she's in school. Start early and maybe all the problems yo hear about the school will be taken care of by the time your child gets to that age/point.

So what did you do on your Friday? (there might also be Football Monday and Football Sunday, just be warned)