Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love my dog

I really do. She is such a great thing. Earlier today there was a lot of thunder and Savie was asleep on the floor. Halley wanted to come outside with me but kept looking back at Savie, she didn't want to leave her in the house alone. You could tell from her face that she was torn. She always wants to be close to Savie and vice versa. Savie lays in her bed and reads to her (whether Halley wants it or not). Tonight Savie was trying really hard not to go to sleep (shock and surprise) and after eating some popcorn, asking for something else to eat and more to drink she got off the couch and laid down with Halley. Five minutes later I looked over and was asleep with her hand on Halley's bed curled up with her.

And Halley was just as happy to have her there.

******edited to add*******
I really wish I could take a picture of it but Savie spilled water on it and it doesn't work. I was hoping that once it dried out and I changed batteries it would be ok but no such luck. So am looking for a new camera, any suggestions would be appreciated.

****edited to add again*****
I only want a Kodax because I have a printer and the software on my computer and don't really want to start all over again.