Monday, September 8, 2008

The Good......and the bad

What a way to start the week. I did a lot of work on my crochet project and am almost done with the bodice of it. (Sorry can't tell you more then that about it until it's finished) Working with thread is a little hard on the eyes for me but it;s worth it for me when I finish the dress. That's the good part for me. The bad? What could possibly be bad about the start of the week? Savie started a fever last night. And a quick one at that. She was fine all weekend long, playing and being her usual self until about 4 pm yesterday afternoon. We were suppose to go to a birthday party in town but I didn't really want to go (bad me I know) and it's a good thing since Savie was burning up at 4. When I took her temp it was 100.2, yes you read that right. 100.2 I gave some Pedilyte and she fell asleep. When she woke up again she was 102, that means we get in the shower!!!!!! It was a long night needless to say.

Today I had errands to run in town so after calling to make an appointment for her, we headed in. She was a trooper. With all the stops I made she was really good, I think the nap she took on the way in helped a lot. So did the one on the way back in. And of crouse she was acting fine when we got in to see the Dr. But she is back on Amoxicilln and sleeping. I am staying home tomorrow from work and have to figure something out for Wednesday. If her fever isn't down then she has to go to K's house for most of the day (not totally happy about that). But she can't be around other kids while she has a fever but I have to work. S needs to go to the Dr so I have to work. Oh well. Hopefully her fever will break and she can come with me on Wed. wish me luck.