Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a day

Today was a rough one for me at school. I wasn't felling well when I left but I think it was just a bad feeling. That should have been my clue to stay home.

Today B was at school. He hasn't been there very often because they have been out of town but even before that he was a little off when it came to playing with the other kids. The last couple of times he has been at school he has been a little wild, and slowly getting worse. Today was by far, he worst day.

Most days he wants to play by himself, which is fine, and not have much to do with the other kids. We let it go because he is now a big brother (2 months now I think) and hasn't quite adjusted yet. Well the kids were painting on the floor and after telling him several times not to walk thru the area (we were off to one side of the room and not in anyones way) I sent him to time out. Now as I have said before time out is not a big deal (sit, think about what you did, talk to us, apologize and that's it) but he would not go. I walked over to him to walk him to time out when he pinched me. Not ok. I had to sit down with him and hold him to get him to calm down. Once he was calm we talked about why he went to time out.
Later on during circle time he kept talking, yelling, and standing in other kids way of the book and had to be sent to time out. This time S took care of him. This time had to take him outside to talk to him so we could continue with circle time. About 10 minutes after they came back in we were doing something else and he kept running into us with a ball and I asked him to stop. Again he had to go to time out, and this time he pinched me on my neck.


I took him outside and talked to him. He was just out of control today. When his dad came and picked him up we talked to him about what was going on and what we would like for them to do, at home with him, to reinforce what is going on at school. Just as we were talking he did it again to someone else and dad saw first hand what we had been telling with during the day. I told dad that there was no reason to deal with it at the moment because it would embarrass him but when he acted out he dealt with it. I'm hoping that he gets better even though I have a feeling things will get worse before they get better.