Monday, May 26, 2008

Heads or Tails #1

I've followed this blog for awhile and I hop in and out every now and then. I finally remembered to do one of her Heads or Tails so here goes.

This weeks prompt is Tell about your job (or one you've had) so lets see do I tell about the job I have now? Or one of the many jobs that I have had in the past? Do I tell about getting up at 6 am almost every morning with a foot in my back because we co-sleep? About not being able to cuddle with my husband because my daughter is in the middle of the bed? Or do I tell about the stupid people that have come thru my lines over the years asking me stupid questions? like working at Dollar Tree where the sign says "Everything's a dollar" and being asked how much something is?

Anyone that has read my blog before knows that I love my job, no matter what happens. Whether it's getting sick at 4am and puking all over me, potty training stories, or just being silly at the park, my daughter is my life. Not something I thought I would say 4 yrs ago. I was pretty sure that I would not be married or have kids but that has all changed. I have my daughter, my husband and a completely different life then what was in my head about ten years ago, lol.

My day to day life is hectic and every changing. When I worked at a real job, as society calls it, I worked the same thing over and over. True it was a little different every day but it was basically the same thing, change this to that, move this to there. I worked retail so I saw everything. I worked holidays and saw the best and worst of people I saw people push older people out of the way so they could get to the register first. I've seen people give a dollar or two to help a single mother pay for something for her kids. But would I really want to go back to that? not really. I love the job I have now.