Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What were they thinking?

I love DQ. I mean I got all excited when ours re-opened for the season (ours is not open year round, not enough customer draw from what I'm told). I go maybe twice a month seeing as how I am trying to lose weight going there is not a great thing for that, lol. Our DQ doesn't serve food at all so there is no real reason for me to go unless I want ice cream. I love the commercial for them but this is just wrong.

simply smiling at a boy is not "shooting fish in a Is this what we are teaching our daughters? That it's ok to flirt with someone to get something, even if it is food. Aren't we suppose to teach them that we should earn what we want? That flirting with men is not about "shooting fish in a barrel"? I mean no offense to this little girl but this is bad commercial.