Monday, May 12, 2008

A rambling rant

I have a bit of a ramble tonight. I love watching movies. It's something that i love to do whether it's with my family or late at night by myself. but there are a lot of movies that i watch alone, well maybe not alone but without my husband. Why you ask? Are they bad movies? Not in the least bit; They are what most people call "Black films". Movies where the cast is mostly black, talking about black issue. Movies like Daddy's Little Girl, Friday, First Sunday, and Waiting To Exhale. These are all movies that I wouldn't watch with hubby. Why you might ask. It's because hubby has a tendency to talk about a movie. Not just during a movie, and make me miss something, but about the movie, about how some scene was so bad and he could have written this (something that he usually says during a Sci-Fi channel movie) and so on. It gets really annoying. Does that make me a bad wife? I don't think so. True some people have asked if we love each other why don't we watch the same things. that would be just boring to me. I don't like going out and socializing as much as he does but that's ok, we balance each other out.

The other thing I want to talk about tonight is parenting. I have been working for the past 2 days. Friday morning and today, I will also be working tomorrow and everything is going great. The kids are having just as much as fun as they normally would have and no one is getting hurt. A friend has been coming and "helping" out. She asked me this morning if it was ok that she was coming because it seems like i put her son in time out the most.

I am not one to tell someone how to raise their children. What to say to them, discipline, that kind of thing. But this is the thing. Her son has issues with fighting. Not that that is a bad thing but that is how they show affection in their family. That's fine but there are rules at daycare. There is no fighting, pushing, etc so yes he does get put in time out a lot. But I chalk it up to the fact that he hasn't been there before or a lot for that matter. It's like expecting someone to understand and do another person's rules if they haven't been there in a year. I wanted to tell her that yes, her son is a trouble maker but not int he way she thinks. I have a hard time telling people no (which is probably why K is still a friend, lol) but this is something that I can't tell her.

So my question to you mommies is this......Do you tell your friend that her coming to help is not help? That her son is a trouble maker? That I'm not singling him out? (Now keep in mind when you answer this that I am not the best friend here, I have known this woman for about 2 yrs but get along with her pretty well. I jokingly refer to her as our "cruise director" in the group.)