Friday, May 9, 2008

It's D-day

I am just hours away from D-day. Well two of them. First I am "working" all alone at Sam's tomorrow. It will be just me, Savie and at least 3 other kids. I will also be there Mon and Tues by myself. I think I will be ok, I have been there for going on 3 weeks now and feel comfortable being there and taking care of the kids. I am mentally making myself ok with this. Wish me luck.

The second thing, and not even scary to me, is having my hand taken care of. I have finally decided that I will just have it taken out. I'm trying to plan my weekend (Farmer's Market, dinner, etc) but it's hard since I don't know what to expect. You know how long before I can use my hand, how much is it going to hurt, stuff like that. But I think it will be ok. I need to go to bed and be ready for Friday for the kids!!!!