Thursday, May 8, 2008

You know your a mom.....

So once again I was blog hopping and was over at Ana's site and thought about this post. It's something that needed to be done.

Everyone, well every mother, gets the "You know your a mother" email. I love them. They're cute and very true. I love the part about peed on and pooped on. It makes me laugh, but there are other things about being a mother that have changed me.

  • going to the bathroom by myself is a luxury
  • eating a hot dinner is a rare treat
  • I always have Kleenex, wipes, and plastic bags in the car and my bag
  • my purse is a backpack
  • getting puked on is not a big deal
  • you would rather they puke on your hands then in the car
  • sharing with the dog is "normal"
I know there is more but those are they things that just pop in my head right now. I knew I was a mother when I found out I was pregnant, when the baby kicked I knew I was a mother, when I was in labor and held her I knew I was a mother. But I think the moments that really defined me as a mom is when people tell me what a joy she is, how helpful she is, that I have done a great job with her. That I am responsible for the way that she behaves. I am responsible for the fact that she is so willing to share and is empathic to other people. I am responsible for that. That makes me a mother.