Sunday, May 11, 2008

sunday scribbings # 110

Forgive me if it takes awhile to read this, I'm trying to type with a bad hand.

The telephone. It's a great invention. i don't know what I would do without it. There's so many good and bad things about it that it's hard to pick one moment in time that is just the moment for me.

There was the call i made to my father telling him about my boyfriend (at the time), telling him him his (they are the same age by the way). Or maybe it was the phone call telling my family that i was pregnant. That was a call i know my mother was waiting for. True she has four grand kids already but i am still her daughter. doesn't every mother want that for her daughter? to experience the ups and downs of being pregnant? the labor? and then holding that little bundle of joy?

those are the good phone calls, for me anyways. but there are a few that i am not looking forward to. there's the call, that will be coming, telling me that my grandmother (my last grandparent by the way) has passed. i know that it is coming but i also know that when it comes i will not be ready. i will drop the phone, i will cry and not be able to tell my daughter "what is wrong with mommy".

Because of this, i think, it's one of the reasons that i answer the phone "someone better be in the hurt" when my phone rings at odd hours of the day/night.