Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can you say "yea haw?"

We, the other mommies that we spend time with, try to get together every Wednesday and do some kind of outing with the kids. Today's outing was to go to a horse ranch just outside of town. We have driven by every almost every week when we go to Douglas, so it's not a totally new place for us. It was so much fun. I am so glad that J suggested it. There was a horse there with blue eyes!! I've never seen a horse with blue eyes. I think the lady said that they were Appaloosa's ? I don't remember and I didn't get a lot of their pictures I got more of the kids playing in the carriages they had around the place than anything. The horse's are a mix, Appaloosa's and Arabians. Horse's look so different when they have their winter coats on, lol. She also has burro's but I think they are minis, they have short legs and really big heads, they look kinda silly. Here's pictures of the kids playing and the animals. I'm kinda looking forward to Friday now, I think we are trying go to the pool (indoor).