Sunday, January 6, 2008


I have finally made up my mind, and I think my mother would be happy. I am going back to school. I may have said this before but I am really going to go thru with it this time. I went the the junior college here and got the books so I can plan for next semester, not the winter semester but the spring/summer one. That way I have time to plan for Savie, find grants/financial aid (if I qualify), and look for a house. I figure that by the time we move, he stops working long enough to get his contractors license things should be settled down enough for me to go to school. Especially since I plan on doing online classes and Savie won't be in school just yet. I'm hoping that by the time I put her in day care/prechool I will be ready for 2-3 classes and not stressing to much, lol.

Which brings up another subject, putting Savie in daycare. I don't see the point since I am not working and we spend time out with other kids. I mean, why waste the money that we don't really have, on putting her in school now when I am not doing anything else during the day? I mean if I was working, or in school, then yeah I will put her in school but for now there's no need. And it's not like we don't spend time with other kids and are not social, we are. We have a pretty wide schedule where we do do certain things on certain day, ie story hour or going to the park, but we are active. Everyday is something, even if we just have to go wash clothes we are out doing something. Well it's way past the little one's bedtime so I guess I better go put her to bed, lo. Have a great night ladies.