Tuesday, January 22, 2008

She doesn't get it

not even a little bit. K doesn't have kids of her own, how could she you read the last post about the animals so where would a kid be in all that??? But I'm getting off topic. I take S over to her house mainly because the walk there and back is good exercise and she has plenty of space outside for her to play in. But that's it. I would never go to dinner and leave her with her for a couple of hours that is just out of the question. Especially after yesterday.

A couple of days ago we went to Walmart and she bought a bunch of stuff for S to use at her house, glue, paper, stuff like that. Well when I left they were playing outside. It was a little windy but not as bad as at my house since i leave right at the base of a mt. Fine, everything is fine, so I walk all the way home and get the car and come back for her. I called to tell her that i was on the way so they can clean up whatever they were playing with, you give her a warning. Well I get there and they are coloring and gluing pom poms to paper, it was all very cute.......until i saw that there was a heart drawn on her pants.. IN GLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes that's what I said, in glue. And then something was drawn on her back pocket to. I was trying really hard not to get upset but just because it says it's washable does not mean that you can put tit on anything. I left, with S, and did what I needed to do came home and washed her pants, twice. When I talked to her later online, she asked me about ti and I told her that it finally came out. She got upset because "it says it's washable, that's just like a bait and switch. I'm going to write them a letter and tell them they can't mislabeled and mislead people like that".

me "No K, it's not meant for fabric, and it is washable.... from your hands"

K "Well that's just wrong, they shouldn't do that"

K "the girls and I used body paints on our clothes and skin but, it washed out easily..."

me "because body paint is meant to wash off of just about anything, not the same for glue or crayons"

K "WELL.... they should NOT say washable then!"

I could go on wit the conversation but I think you get the point. How many different ways can I say not to do that? I finally just told her not to do it. It's meant for paper, pom poms and stuff like that. Maybe it's just me but that is just stupid on her part. Kid or not, if I was watching someone else child and they got something on their pants be it crayon, glue, stickers, whatever, I would try to take it off not get made at the company that made it because it didn't wash out.