Friday, January 4, 2008


Well it's Friday here again and we did the usual, playtime at the park. But for the past couple of weeks we have missed it or have been out of town so we haven't been. It was so nice to see everyone, both old and usual (if that's the right phrase) again. Usually after Tues we don't really see a lot of other people because we don't go over to Douglas for their story hour we stay here and do bi-lingual story hour. I have so many pictures that I would love to put together for a scrapbook that I think the other mothers would like to see. It's nothing fancy, just pictures I've taken at the park and the library and other event/things that we have done as a group but to see the changes in the kids would be nice. It was only after looking at some of the pictures that I can really see the changes in Savie. Besides it's something nice to do for someone other than me, lol.

Today started out pretty good. Finally put the new down comforter on the bed so we won't be freezing anymore and had a very warm night last night. Slept in and then got dressed and eat a little something for breakfast. Savie was her usual cranky, wanting to watching TV self (we are going to have to put a stop to that soon, very soon, but we made it out the door at a reasonable hour. I tried to drop stuff for hubby but he wasn't where I thought he was going to be so I have his phone and am looking all over for him. Played at the park for a good amount of time, hoping in the back of my mind that she will take a nap so i can think after 5 minutes lol. Then came over to feed a lamb and dry some clothes but I ave yet to eat. I really want to get home and work on my nieces blanket, eat my own lunch and just relax. I don't think that's asking a whole lot you know. But that's what I get for being a friend to this one person. I am getting myself into her stuff, it's great and everything when I can do that I like, like go to the ranch, feed some animals, have a 2 opinion when I go shopping, but it wears then when I can't get a word in edgewise.

Like the other day when I was trying to tell her a story about the trip I just took. Somehow things managed to work their way around to being about her......again. Not that she hasn't had a hard time in life, but when we're talking about how hard it is to find time to do something for me without Savie how does that translate to her not having car?? Maybe I'm missing something but somehow everything that I bring up works it's way back to her and her problems.

Well maybe I can eat my lunch now that the lamb has calmed down and she is eating. Let's hope for good things, right?!?