Friday, January 11, 2008

Meanest mom on the Planet

So I was on another blog and I came across this link on her sidebar and went to it. I had to laugh because after reading the story about the "meanest mom on the planet" to myself I had to kinda agree with what she did. It's a little more than I would have done but hey everyone is different. I read the story to my husband and you know what he was stuck on??? The price of the car!!!!!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the fact that they, well the mom, was going to sell the car for $3,700. Not the fact that there was booze in the car, that it was hiding under the seat or that 'a friend' left it behind. I have to laugh at that. It took about 5 minutes for me to get over that one.

Today was park day. We did the usual park thing and then went for hot dogs. Usually we don't go because we end up doing something for my friend and end up missing things. It was a lot of fun though. We need to it more often.