Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What a friend

Yes I am going to brag about myself. I have a friend, who started out as a co-worker, that uses me a lot. Not necessarily in a bad way all of the time but one of those friends where when you get home at the end of the day after being with them or dealing with them you are just tired. Now not just physically tired but emotionally and mentally tired. Yesterday I promised to come over and feed the two baby lambs that she rescued from her mother's ranch outside of town (don't ask that's a whole different post) and she said that I could use her washer/dryer since I only have a washer and it was raining here yesterday. So no big deal, feed 2 baby lambs their bottles, wash clothes, let Savie play on the play set outside, easy right?

No such luck. Her washer/dryer situation is bad. It's in another room that is barely big enough to fit the 2 of them in there. I mean they are right there, you can't even really walk in the room because to open the dryer door it pushes you out. It gets a little old and makes my back hurt, I don't know how she does it.

****edited to add more****
So today, the 13th, we went to Tombstone to buy trigger locks for the gun that hubby has because we need them. So it';s a great family day, nice and warm and sunny, we are enjoying ourselves. We've just gotten there, are walking around watching the street fight they have every hour (gotta love Tombstone) when my phone goes off. It's her!!!! I hung up the phone and she calls back!!!! So I finally turn my off off and went on with the rest of our family day.

When we left to come back home I turn my phone back on and she left a message asking me to come get her from her parents ranch, 30 min outside of town!!!!!! how can I say no when I listen to the rest of her story. What a friend I am.