Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goals pt2

I forgot to mention this in my goals, I will lose weight this year. Not because of a diet or fasting or anything like that, I will be more mobile this year.
-I will ride my bike
-I will take my dog for a walk more often (she's starting to gain weight to)
-I will get a smaller size bra (trust me I need it)

These are all things that will happen, not only because I need to lose the weight but because I want to feel better. Playing a round of ring-a-round-the-rosie with Savie leaves me winded, walking up a flight of stairs leaves me winded. I should not feel that way, I am to young for that. Well maybe not that but I am not ready for that to be my reality. I want to lose the weight.It's not a matter of being a size smaller but being a healthier weight and being able to do things without having to stop because I'm tired and winded. I thought that working would help with that but I only ended up putting on weight instead of losing it (all those late night trips thru the drive-thru is what did it to me). But this time next year I will weigh less.