Friday, January 25, 2008

It's offical

I have tried to deny it for a long time now, and even after Savie was born I knew that I would have to stop doing this but I can't, I just can't stop myself. I am no a morning person and can not get out of the house before 11am. There I've said (well wrote it, same thing) and now I can move on and do something about it.

Today is Friday and I should be at the park right now but instead I am on the computer, in my pj's and haven't even made anything for breakfast. Savie is eating dry cereal because I didn't feel like putting milk on it (plus she has a bad cough and a runny nose so no more milk than necessary). I guess we really should get up and get dressed but after all the running around we did yesterday I really don't feel up to it. What did we do yesterday you ask that would make me feel so tired today, even after a good nights sleep? Well let me tell you....

Got a wake up call around 7 from another mother calling to see if we wanted to meet at her place or if I wanted her to drop L off at my place. I completely forgot that I promised to watch L for her while she had a Dr. appt. So now I have to jump out of bed and get Savie out and dressed so we can leave the house in 45 min. Did I mention that we don't really do morning's in my house? But we were only 5 minutes late, which isn't really a good thing since the place is only 5 minutes from my house!! LOL.
After playing with L she took us to breakfast to say thank you to me, which wasn't really necessary since I would do it for anyone and I would like to think that they would return the favor but anyways. By now it's 10 and I really want to get on the road for Tucson, it's a 2 hr drive to Tucson and I just want to go. But I'm not going alone, I have to wait for my friend.
Yeah the same one that has all the animals, so I know it will be awhile because she has to feed the lambs, get the hairless set, etc, etc. But I called her when I was getting dressed so she knew where I stood time-wise. Called when we left breakfast and told her that I still needed to come back to the house but I was almost ready to go. I'm not going to get into it but we didn't leave here until 1:30pm!!!!! That's right for all that time, the whole 3 1/2 hrs we were at her house trying to get her ready. It was not what I wanted.

But we finally left, around 1:30pm!!!!!!!!! We should have been in Tucson already not just leaving but that's another matter. Savie fell asleep on the way up there which is a good thing since it's a 2 hr drive and she wasn't going to get nap in. We got there and did the shopping I went there to do and spent way more than I had planned. I didn't think there would have been that much left in the store but there was. I spent close to $100 on books in that store (stupid store closing sale, lol) and then let Savie play in the play area that was in the mall before making the 2 hr drive back.

And just so you know how tired I am today, I started writing this this morning and now it's 10p and I'm finally finishing, lol. Oh well off to bed I go,