Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things have to change

they really do.

Usually I am really good about getting us out of the house and to where we need to be but the past couple of weeks. I just can't do it. We haven't gotten out of the house before 10am all week and today was library day. Actually since it's the end of the month today was our tea party.It's something the librarians do for the kids, it's so much fun. They have a little tea set and saucers, with milk and sugar, sandwiches or some other kind of snack. It's just so cute I'll have to post some pictures next month. But back to what I was talking about, getting out of the house on time.

Story hour is at 10:30 and I would like to be in the car and on our way by 10. That way we have time to play and relax before story time. Today we didn't even get in the car until 10:15am and then I got to thinking that if we rush (a bad thing to do) and get there we'll have to leave early anyways since she has a Dr. appt. at 11:30 so why rush across town just to have to rush back? Turning the car around we came home, not going to the library at all. Back home I unloaded and threw another load of clothes in the washer and tried to figure out what we could do for the next 45 min before our appt. Let's just walk down, mommy needs a good hike anyways. So a harness on Halley, jackets on us (even though it was a nice 59 today) and walked down to the Dr. office. It's only a 15 minute walk but you know what happens when you walk with a toddler? A 15 min. walk turns into a 45 min. walk. But we did it and then after our appt we walked over to K's house and then I walked back to my house to get my car and then drove back over to get Savie. We only stayed a few minutes because K was living to and we needed to come home to have lunch, by the time I got back to her house it was almost 1:30p!!!!!!! At least we did something today and I got a good walk in, lol. Hopefully tomorrow will be better since we are going out to the horse's again.