Monday, February 18, 2008

Bad Mommy #2

I think this is going to be a new thing for me.To write out every "bad mommy" experience I have just to make myself feel better (that didn't sound right did it?). If I can get it out of my head maybe I won't feel so bad about it.

So here's the new one. Savie has a baby dolls. One we got almost 2 years ago from a really great lady here in town. Her family does this thing where they buy presents for other people and then have to give it away. It was really nice at Christmas when she got it. Savie named her BeBe, mostly because I think she was trying to say baby but that's as close as she could get. She takes her everywhere, sleeps with it, take her potty, undresses her, everything. She's been to California, the library, and Mexico (didn't anything for that one). I love BeBe, she is a great little baby doll, she sits patiently and listen to Savie when she reads her books. I know what she loves her as much as she does. BeBe looks like her. Simple as that. BeBe is one of the first black baby dolls that I've seen that actually looks right. Not just the dark skin, or the "afro" styled hair with the Kente cloth clothes but she really looks like my daughter. They have the same cute little nose and big beautiful eyes.

And I miss her.

But not as much as Savie.

I being the "Bad Mommy" that I am, I left BeBe at the library on Saturday. Alone. By herself. Without Savie.

Savie noticed this yesterday and hasn't really let it go. I can't get to her until Tuesday and you can bet we will be there as soon as they open the doors to get BeBe. This is breaking my heart, she looks so sad and sulky and close to tears.

I am a Bad Mommy.
**** Edited*****
this is a picture of the two of them, don't they look so happy?