Sunday, February 10, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Today was one of those springs days that you look forward to all winter long. A warm day wiht a nice breeze, plenty of sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. I almost didn't want to go out, but as small as our house is there was no way we could keep Savie in the house and be sane at the same time, lol. So I talked hubby into taking her to the park and playing soccer with her while I broke in my bike, again, so put the bike in the car and loaded up hubby and off we went. Everything was fine until I unloaded the bike and walked over to the gas station to put air in my tires only to find out that the air thing doesn't work. So I put it back in the car and played soccer until the little one was tired, or rather until my stomach started growling. She was ready to go, not! but went along with the plan. We drove downtown and got sandwiches from a really cool little sandwich shop right in the middle of the tourist area and as warm as it was today, there were plenty of them out. Tourist season has officailly started here in town.
It's usually a great thing, they spend a lot of money in town, take lots of pictures,etc but the problem is a small one, to most people. It's parking. This is a town that is in the mountains so everything is on a hill and there is very little parking. But I won't get into that right now, just know that it's one of the few things that irk me about the tourist around here, lol.

Anyways back to our day. We got home and tried to get her to eat but she fell asleep on the way home so hubby tried to put her to bed but no luck, they slept in the living room and I tried to watch the Pro Bowl game but the warmth was just to much and put me to sleep. What a way to spend a Sunday, huh? Playing most of the morning and sleeping all afternoon.