Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tea Party, anyone?

I love my library. It's a great place, so many books for the little ones, a great storyhour and ........a tea party once a month. I love it. I have to remember to bring my camera and take pictures. Lauren, one of the wonderful librarians, does bilingual story hour on Thursday and a regular one on Tuesday's and then once a month we have a tea party (but no stories).

It's a great opportunity for them to practice their manners, to use cups and plates just their size, to be little "big people". The kids have so much fun and it's so cute to hear some of them say "please" and "thank you". And I love to help set up and clean up........... and now I've volunteer to bring the snacks for the kids. And I have no idea what to make for them. I'm hoping that my friend Anna will help me since she is really loves tea parties (are you listening Anna?)