Saturday, February 2, 2008

Black History Month

It should be a great thing. A chance of artist, songwriters, authors, etc to take the front stage but instead I'm pissed. Yes I am one of the few African American in town (there are only 5 of us) and yes I know my history. There is no reason to tell me about why they painted something, what they were feeling, etc I know it so don't preach it to me. Your probaly wondering where this train of thought came from, well let me back up and tell you (I will try to do it without yelling)

There is a Art class taught at the library every sat. and Savie and I have been going since they started this new session, at the beginning of the year. I love it. It's a lot fun. We've done sand and sugar art, "I have a dream" stuff like that. The teacher is a little out there, even for this town, and she has a tendency to talk over the kids heads. I mean it's 3yr old for goodness sakes. The class is for 3-8 yr so I would think that you would want to keep it pretty simple right? So for MLK day wouldn't you ask them what they dream about, what they want to be when they are older, the older kids I mean. But for the younger kids, you know the ones that aren't in school wouldn't you just let them draw whatever they want? Why control it, they just want to draw something. I think that you should let kids draw however they want, if they want a pink horse with a green sky and purple clouds go right ahead. It's their picture so be it. I am not a Helicopter parent. Today's project was "African American Art", a prefect subject for Black history month. But there is no reason to spend 15 minutes asking 3-4 yr old what it is. They have no idea. Am I wrong in thinking that? She showed us some beautiful pictures that she printed here's a few of them.

The teacher asked me if I could help Savie draw something like the second one, really????Really?? She's three for goodness sake I can't even draw like that. And when I told her "No I don't think I can." she looked at me like I had a third eye or something. She is starting to make me not like this class but I will keep going and if I have to get ugly faces then so be it. I just want to let Savie enjoy the coloring/drawing/making things part of the class. There's no reason to push her to make it African American art because as far as I am concerned it's African American art if an African American did it whether it be a painting, a statue, or a sculpture.
Ok I think I am done ranting and raving about the whole thing, please someone say something nice to me.