Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sunday Scribblings

Every now and then I really look at my fridge. I remember growing up that there was nothing on th fridge, not my artwork from grade school, not interesting magnets, just blank space. Why?I remember wanting to know my pictures weren't on the fridge, why a good report card or even a soccer schedule would have been nice. Looking back now I think I was a little hurt by the lack of things on the fridge. . When I moved out and shared a house there were notes, reminders, stuff like that. It felt kinda good to see something of mine on the fridge.

Now with a child of my own there is an array of things on the fridge, (a shopping list that's suppose to help me), artwork from that week (it's always changing), cool magnets, all kinds of stuff to let her know that she is loved and wanted. Everything at her level is cool, all the boring stuff is up above. How cool am I?

I found this and she's got good stuff. Check out some more Sunday Scribblings.