Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

I am a sucker for coupons. The only reason I buy a paper on Sunday is for the coupons. I've even have a couple of online sites I go to for coupons. There's CoolSavings.com, which is good but there's not a lot that I can use here. I don't buy a lot of my cleaners in stores and we only have one grocery store here so my choices are limited. But I'm sure that if you type coupons in your search program you'll come up with a lot of other things. I know this is weird but I also mail coupons to my friend in CA for things like diapers (she just had her 3rd baby so I think she needs all the help she can get, lol). Check out Rocks, she usually does this but she is in Africa for awhile so Don't try this is hosting while she's away.