Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am sooooooooooo


I have spent the past week driving back and forth from Tucson, which is a 2 hr drive one way. Yes I know it's crazy to do that 4 days in a row but what we paid in gas is still less then what we would have paid for a room for just 2 nights.

Starting on Monday we, or rather I, got up at 4 am. Yes that's right 4am, before the sun is up, before the birds have woken up, before my dog wants to go out. That is just to early for me. I don't get up until 7, maybe 8 am in the morning. But back to the trip. I get up and make coffee, start making snacks for us, and try to do a little stretching. Around 7 I need to get Savie and hubby up, mostly her so I can get her dressed and do her hair, maybe even get her to eat a little before we hit the road. We get on a the road and make it there and drop him off. By the time we head back for home it's almost 6pm so we don't get home until 8pm and poor Halley has been outside the hole time.

Now if you can just picture the saddest face on your kids when they don't get something or can't go with you, that face they get when their best friend has to go home, yeah that look, times 100. That's the face Halley gave us everyday. Poor baby. So now for the next week or so Halley will be sticking very close to me.

Well today was the last day that we have to be gone for so long. We do have to go back at least one more day next week but that's ok. We know where we are going so it won't be that long to get there.

Well I am trying very hard not to fall asleep but I have to give in now. I will be back. With pictures.