Friday, April 18, 2008

Bad Mommy #4

Ok, so if you read this post you know how I was feeling yesterday. It was not a great day. Thought that since I have been getting Savie up early all week to go to Sam's that I would let her sleep in since we didn't need to get out of the house until 10am. Maybe that was wrong. I slept in until almost 6:30 and she slept in until 7am. I even made a simple breakfast for us and let her play around until almost 8:30 before I said we needed to get dressed.
Today was a park day so I loaded up the toy box and cooler and headed for the park. She seemed to be fine and was talking up a storm in the backseat, and even at home before we left, but as soon as we got to the park she had nothing to say. to anyone. Not even her friends PJ and Hank. And that's all she was talking about the whole time at home, was playing with them. We weren't there more than 15 minutes before she had a minor meltdown. Now keep in mind that these are all kids that we see all the time. The only difference is two dads were there, neither of which I had ever met.

So after being at the park for a good hour and everyone is getting hungry and tired we decided we were going to go to the "hot dog place" for lunch. Savie was fine with this until she saw Hank drive off, then she was just a mess, wanting me to hurry up and go after them, then wanting pizza instead of hot dog's. I was ready for her to take a nap at that point but I was hungry to.

But lunch was good, she ate most of her food, talked with her friends and was happy until it was time to go (of course). But then, since it was still early and warm, I asked her if she wanted to stop and see K before we went home. Of course she did because that meant she could get into the pool and play with the puppies. We got to K's house, emptied the pool and refilled. She played in the water for 20 minutes. Then it was 20 minutes in the bathroom rinsing her off and trying to get her dressed again. It was the longest 20 minutes ever. Even leaving K's house to come home and start dinner was an ordeal. After crying for 5 minutes and watching 1 "Blue's Clues" she fell asleep on the couch. Thank goodness. I let her sleep until almost 5pm just to make sure that she had enough sleep.

Even getting dinner was a chore. I knew what I needed to make, fish and pasta, but it was really hard. Lots more crying and wanting to be picked up. Dinner was over and done with and all she had was half a PB&J and some crackers. I wanted to wash her hair tonight since she was in the pool and so were the dogs but just getting undressed was cause for more tears so I tried to put her to bed. Did it work???

No, she fell asleep on the couch crying at almost 10pm. Bad momma.