Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ok now don't get mad

but I won again (ducking pillows). This time it was a giveaway from almost 2 weeks ago.

Did I tell you about "Frontier Days" in town a couple of weeks ago? I don't think I did (I need to also put pictures up of it). Savie and I went with another mom and her two kids. Savie and I had fun but I don't think my friend J did. But she had two kids to deal with and one was a little over a year so she's a squirmy little thing. There were a lot of fun rides for the kids to go on but there was a downside, we parents even had to have tickets to go on with the kids. That was a bummer especially when every ride takes 3 tickets and 20 tickets cost $15. But we did get to go on cool things like this one and of course we had to do this when we got there. But like most carnivals/fairs there is always the area that is set up for business's to do freebie's/giveaways. And as you can see from this and this I love giveaways. Well.....I won!! Free steaks from Schwan's!!!!!! I love this company and would love to order things from them all the time. If I could share my luck I would (ha ha) but I think I have hit the end of it.

On another note, Savie had her Dr. appt's today and he thinks it may be allergies. I was suppose to get a script for it tonight but it somehow didn't make it to the pharmacy's. Odd how that happened. But that means that I can pick it up tomorrow after I call the Dr's office and find out what happened to it. At least now I know why she might have a runny nose/cough for the past 15 days. Wish me luck.