Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yet another reason I am weird

There are so many reasons that I am weird. Just look at this for starters. But I have a couple of other things to add to the list. I am not really big on letting Savie stay with other people. It's not that I don't trust these people but I just don't feel comfortable doing it. Let me give you a little background on my thinking here.

I am one of the few African American people in town and when I saw "few" I mean 3. That's it. Last summer at the Farmer's Market I spent a lot of the mornings with B, an African American male, who is the opposite of me. He is married to a white woman while I am married to a white man. There were a couple of people who asked me if we were dating, lol. Now remember I do a lot of stuff with Savie at the library or the Farmer's Market but there aren't many times that we do things as a family here in town. We go camping on the weekends, we go out driving as a family, that kind of stuff. He works all week long and is tired on the weekends, I know this and am trying to let him relax and unwind, spend time with his friend. So it wasn't that big of a surprise when people say stuff like that to me. But I'm getting off topic.

Well B and his wife are very nice, they are a lot of fun. I just don't want Savie to be there. They have offered to watch her so hubby and I can go out to dinner by ourselves or do something as a couple but I don't see the point. We are a family, the three of us, so if we are going to have a family dinner then it will be the three of us. Plenty of other people have offered this as well and I've always told them "No, thank you". I just don't feel comfortable leaving her with people for any length of time.

Does that seem weird? That I don't want my child to be away from me? Not because I'm worried that they will do something to her or harm her in anyway or give her something I don't want her to have but because I don't want to "put her off on other people". I feel ok leaving her to go upstairs at the library or at Sam's (the daycare I'm thinking of taking over) so I can buy some stamps at the post office next door or let her play in the pool at K's house while I take Halley for a quick walk, to me that's ok, she's only with that person(s) for, at most, 20 minutes. I think I need to get over this and let her have some playtime/play date's with kids without me.