Saturday, April 19, 2008

Should he be there?

in the delivery room with you? In the bedroom? While you give birth?

This is a little funny to me since I was just talking to a friend a couple of days ago about this. There are 3 mommies that are pregnant and due sometime near the end of summer. One of them was asking about how my delivery went and how we handled. The reason I'm thinking about this and posting it is because I was jumping around and stopped in at Rocks In My Dryer and then headed over to BlogHer to read her article there about fathers in the delivery room. I think I would have been ok without my husband but I was glad that he was there. He didn't talk a whole lot, was comforting, and just there.

I didn't have Savie at home but I don't think I would have wanted. We had to many people just dropping over, lived in a loud area, it wouldn't have been relaxing for me. I did have a midwife in the hospital and for that I am really happy. I wasn't ready at all to give birth, didn't even have a bag packed (or started one) when I finally went on maternity leave. I was not ready. But my midwife was more than willing to work with me, even when Savie got shoulder hung. I was very lucky and Savie was born with no problems. Did my husband de-stress me? Did he help me by being so calm? Or maybe it was because I was cutting off the blood to his hand that he couldn't say anything. What about you? Did he help you? Or stress you out?