Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My fashion question

OK I have already said that I am bot a trendy mother but I have a fashion question for Musings of a Housewife since she also has a fashion blog, Chic Critique, even though this week they are mostly talking about make-up which I don't do. Or maybe I should as Fussy, she has lots of good advice on fashion things. But let me get to my point.

I broke down and bought cowboy boots for myself. Hubby has several pairs and Savie has some to so it was only fitting that I have a pair to. They were a birthday present to myself. They are so comfortable, even for me and I have a tendency to stomp not walk. And as for the past couple of posts But I wear my boots almost everyday with jeans. Now after reading a lot of We are THAT Family and her talking about the rodeo it got me to thinking. Do I need to wear boot cut jeans with my cowboy boots? Or are my regular jeans ok? Does it make a difference?

Any suggestions anyone?