Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #107

This weeks prompt at Sunday Scribblings is compose.

I am not a composed person. I get easily distracted, ramble on and have a hard time thinking straight. But I think that has a lot to do with other things in my life. I am not comfortable around people and use my daughter as a shield. She is composed and ready for the world. Regardless of how much I try to tell myself that everything will be ok, I can not get over the feeling that I am not ready to be out in public. I have no good reason to be out there. But there is no way that I can leave my composed, put together child away from other people. I wish for the day that I can be as composed as she is.

Compared to other kids that we spend time with, she is composed and secure with her self. This is not me bragging, this is something that I've been told she is, by Ms. Sam's. (I love this woman by the way) I have only left her there once, for about 3 hrs. I was so glad to know that Savie was fine without me (even if she wasn't a little sad without me there, lol) and that she played with all the other kids.

My daughter is love this way, she is so willing to play with any kids, whether they are older/younger then her, playing something she doesn't know anything about. She has the composure of a child much older than herself. I wish for that.