Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #105

I started this Sat night and here it is Monday night and I am just now finishing, that's not good.

So the Photograph is a the prompt for this Sunday. I love taking pictures, I bought a digital camera about a year and a half ago because I was taking so many pictures of my daughter and couldn't wait for them to be developed (plus we live 45 minutes away from the closet place that does it). But I couldn't stop taking pictures. When I finally got my digital, after weeks of looking at them and pricing them mind you, I bought one that fit me. A simple, easy camera that took okay pictures but also took video which meant that we, or rather I, didn't have to lug out the big old camera he has that for some reason doesn't hold a charge on the battery.

The first year there were so many pictures of Savie at the house we were living in, I took pictures of her every chance i got. Especially in outfits that family had bought her. I wanted them to know that I got the outfits, they fit, and we loved them. But were there pictures of me anywhere? Nope. Not if I could help it. Her first birthday came and went and I had amassed about 200 pictures just from my digital.
The second year was probably close to that. We were walking and learning to do things. Have to have pictures of that. We were trying new foods. Had to have pictures of the mess we made. Digital camera:200 Film Camera:0

And now we are working our way thru our third year and the number is getting higher. I think I can count on one hand how many pictures there are of me in all of that. I am on the one who takes pictures on outings, on road trips, on Easter and Christmas and Birthdays. I am the photographer there is no need for me to be in any of them. I am the record keeper.

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