Friday, April 4, 2008

Suppernanny.... and other things

OMGoodness, that little girl stayed at the table until she fell asleep. I'm sorry but that's funny to me. That is something out of "Mommy Dearest", and 6 yr old that don't know how to wipe themselves?!?!? That is just ridiculous.

OK let me back up a little here. I love to watch Suppernanny, not because I think I really need but more for the whole 'seeing a car pulled over on the side of the road, Oh look honey I think they had a car accident-I wonder if anyone is hurt' as you drive on by kinda thing. I am not at all a perfect mother (see this post, this post oh just click on bad mommy, lol. ) but watching other parents with out of control kids doing things that just make me say "duh" is kinda a sick, funny thing for me. But I think I offended my friend J when I said something along of the lines of "well what do the parents expect from their kids when they are up jumping around and being crazy 10 minutes before it's bedtime." She got kinda quiet after I said that.

But the family tonight was going thru something that I don't know how to deal with yet but will need to soon. I only have one grandparent left so when she passes I will be heartbroken but I will have to find some way to deal and help Savie deal. It was a good episode with a lot of heartfelt moments.

I love you Supernanny.