Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bad Mommy #3

Yes I've had another bad mommy moment. This time in public.

Savie and I go to the library every Tuesday and Thursday for story Hour is over and we've had the snack and juice and are ready to leave . Usually we get there just as it's starting but every now and then we get there early. Anyways by the time story hourSavie doesn't want to. She is playing with her friends, having fun, etc so leaving is usually a bit of a drama. I'm used to the crying, yelling etc that comes with us being the first ones to leave. This past Tuesday was no different. We left, after saying good-bye to everyone and "we'll see you at the hot dog place". We took the stairs (my is trying to get healthy) and she is still crying. I kept walking, not far but enough. I walked to the bottom of the stairs and waited for her to keep walking. The entire time she is crying "I don't wanna, mommy". I stood there and waited for her keep walking, a couple walks by us and smiles.

"A little upset is she?"

"Nope just having a morning meltdown." and a smile.

She is slowly walking down the steps, has managed 3 steps by now, and wants me to come get her. Not going to happen. Then she does the craziest thing. She sticks her head under the railing!!!!!!! OMGoodness. I calmly walk back up the stairs and try to get her head out as another woman comes out and gives me 'the look'. Do I freak out? Get upset? Nope I just tell her to take 2 steps back up the stairs so we can get her head out. Yep that was a prize winning moment for me.