Monday, March 3, 2008

....Being the perfect parent

now I know that that is a touchy phrase to use. I am no where near a "perfect parent". My 3yr old stays up late, doesn't eat her veggies/fruits at every meal, may go a day without brushing her teeth, etc so this year, as part of my 50 Book Challenge I am reading parenting books. Most of what I've read have been good. Good pointers that I hadn't thought of, different ways to approach things, stuff like that. (If you look over in my sidebar you will see some of the books I've read so far.) I think it had a lot to do with the parenting class I took last year. It was only a 6 week thing, not really official, just a positive parenting class. Most of the books I have were mentioned in the class so that's where I got my start. I've been looking for the Love and Logic books but just haven't found the one for kids, not teens.

I've read "How To Talk......" which was really good, that one was in the class and was worth buying. I plan on passing it on to a mom I know who is having problems withe her son, so I think it will be a good one for her. I went to a Walden books store that was closing in Tucson and spent $100 on books!!!! That's right, One Hundred Dollars, but in my defense they were not all for me. I got one bag of books for me and one for Savie. And of course since it was just days before the store was to close there wasn't much of a selection but as you can see, I did just fine.

Anyways I had bought "Queen Bee Mom's", "How to Behave" and a couple of other books but these two are squeals and once I found that out I had to go buy the first ones so I could understand what is going on in these.

But this book, Positive Discipline, this one I can't read. I got 4 pages into it and came across a paragraph that just turned me completely off of the book. I don't know if I can post it here but it's about "controlling" mom and losing "control" of the kids. The way it's worded is just wrong. And then on top of that it also talks about the civil rights movement has messed with parenting and that was it. I couldn't read anymore. I may just try and take this book back and get my money. I have no problem with books, or rather the author, telling me what I should or shouldn't be doing with my child but to tell me that because "Dad lost control of Mom, they lost control of the kids" just rubs me raw. Maybe it's just me but I don't think so. Please tell me I'm right about the wording.