Friday, March 28, 2008

I think I need a soapbox.....

at least for tonight, and my reason for needing a soapbox you ask???


I know that for most of you this is the time of year when start to think of where you will be going when the kids are out of school. I've seen the bumper sticker about tourist season and hunting season, you know the one I mean?

Living here in Bisbee is great. most of the time. All winter long we have snowbird-ers down here enjoying the mild winter that we have. Did I meantion that we got snow maybe twice this year? It's one of the things I love about living here, no snow. I can not handle snow (sorry family in Idaho) so I'm glad we live here where it's just really cold. But I'm getting off the topic here. The snowbird-ers are great, they are usually older couples with their RV's visiting stores, galleries, etc. You barely notice them since some of them have a second home here and have been visiting for years. But then it gets warm and they slowly start to leave and the other kind of tourist come. The ones that are looking for "a quaint, little town", something "cute" with quaint people and shops. Well that is Bisbee, a charming town.

My problem is with the tourist who insist on telling their children lies about the town. Now before you get upset finish reading (then get upset, lol). The other day as Savie and I were walking thru the train park where some of the local artist, homeless, locals like to hang out. This little kid, maybe about 6-7 years old, asked his dad what the homeless guy was doing. Dad tells him
"Oh he's homeless son, those kinds of people are always in little towns like this."

OH REALLY?!?!? You don't have homeless people in whatever town you came from? Everyone that leaves in your area has a job and a home? Two parent households? Great schools? No drop-outs? I don't agree with parents telling kids this when they are visiting another town, it's like going to someones house and talking about their house or cooking or backyard. That is just rude. True in his defense, he probably didn't realize that a local was standing so close or that he was talking that loud.

My other complaint about tourist is that they have a bad habit of standing in the middle of the street and read a map. I understand they don't know where they are going and are enjoying the scenic views but get on the sidewalk or step to one side. It's really not safe to do that here. There are a lot of blind turns and people (read tourist) don't drive the speed limit so standing out away from cars is not a safe practice.

Ok I think I am ready to get off my soapbox now, thanks for listening to my rant.