Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am not trendy......,at all

It has come to attention that I am not trendy. I don't have a name brand anything, wear jeans and a t-shirt almost everyday, barely clean house, and in a nutshell am one of the moms other moms talk about. In a bad way.

But I think it also has to do with the fact that
  1. I only have the one child and will keep it that way
  2. I'm not Christian/religious
  3. I'm past the breastfeeding stage
  4. I don't home school
  5. I don't go to school
  6. I'm a full time stay at home parent
  7. I don't scrapbook
  8. My daughter has never had her pictures taken with the Easter Bunny/Santa Clause and I avoid it whenever I can

There are a lot of things that I don't do that other moms do, which unfortunately make a me a little more alone in the world, just another reason for me to feel like an outsider here and everywhere I go. I've never used a sling/carrier to drag Savie around, never felt the need for it. She was happy and content to be in the bouncer and watch whatever I was doing. I don't play with her a lot now, she is in her own little world making her own voices for her dolls and things. Why should I intrude on that? She can play just fine by herself. But after popping in on places like 5 Minutes for Mom, Mommies United, Hip Mama's Place, and Shutter Sister's I realize just how boring I am. Plain and simple as that.