Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just when you thought it was

Let me preempt this by saying this just happened about 45 minutes ago so I am still a little shaken up or on an adrenaline rush.

Today started out so good. We went to the mountains (that whole even will be another post) but Savie and I were only going for the day so I wanted to leave before it was to late and we were both to tired to take showers when we got home. Well it wasn't to late for us. By the time we got home it was about 8 pm and Savie was awake. Usually when I come home at night I stop before I get into my driveway because of the javelina and skunks in the area. I don't really want to surprise one in my driveway. Well I did that and there was nothing there, I even told Savie to wait until I closed the gate to make sure that there wasn't anything waiting in the back or something for me. Closed the gate and got both Savie and Halley out of the car and then went back out to unload, or at least bring the cooler in the house since it didn't have any ice in it. And I still had other stuff to get out of the car and I left the front door open.

Once everything was in the house the first thing I did was get her in the shower and then feed Halley. Now it's not like Halley hasn't had food at all today, she had some crackers with Savie and I and then a big piece of meat that fell off the grill at camp (well not a big, huge piece but bigger than I would have given her). Now it's mine turn to take a shower and I take a nice long shower to relax after our long day and make sure I get all the dirt off of me. I got out and got dressed and heard something 'fall' outside. Thinking it was just the wind I finished getting dressed and then walked down the hallway to see a javelina!!!!!!!!! standing next to my tire!!!!!!! I almost screamed. I walked quickly down into the kitchen and got the phone book so I could call the police to come up here and help me get rid of them. The dispatcher laughed at me when I told her what I was calling for but that's ok, when you read the other post you'll see that this is not a new thing here. I just wanted someone, anyone to come up here and get rid of them.

After I got off the phone I looked again and there were 5 of them rooting around i the driveway. I am just waiting for the cops to come up here and help me. I banged on the door, turned my car alarm on (since they were right by my car), and made some noises just to try and scare away the ones that were here but it didn't work. The police finally showed up and after about 15 minutes they got all of them out. They told me there were at least 11 of the mean little buggers in my yard.

Oh yeah hubby will have to fix that this week.