Sunday, March 9, 2008

A non- mommy

Every mother has one, a friend that doesn't have kids but wants to tell you how to raise them. Letting your kids play with the scissors, buying shoes that aren't needed, to much candy, etc. K would be that friend for me. She has bought Savie 3 prs of shoes that she doesn't need, bought her nothing but candy for V-day, and now wants to buy these shoes for her. These are cute, but not for us. We are down and dirty girls. We don't need the cutest shoes or outfits, my child wants to play in the dirt so why buy shoes that I'm going to have to wash when she gets in the car? That is more work then I want. I barely wash our shoes now as it is. These are more up our alley. C'om I know everyone has one so let's hear about it.