Friday, March 7, 2008

Not sure where to start

I really don't. I have been bouncing around the Internet for most of the evening, trying to focus on things, reading blogs when I came across Rocks' blog and this story and the story that goes with it on MSNBC. I have to say that I kinda, no I do, I agree with the mom in the story. The school can not tell me how to do my child's hair. Now if it was something where kids couldn't see the board then yes, I would do something about her hair. But it's a hairstyle, not a shirt telling people to "Make love not War", or a pair of pants with holes in them or something like that. It's a hairstyle. Now I understand from her comments that this is distracting, and yes teachers have a hard time controlling our kids in school, and yes there are dress codes to try and help with the teasing, and yes most of the time it helps. I understand that taking your kids out of school to go get their nails done is over the top but it's just a hairstyle. Does that mean that when I braid my daughters hair in several braids that it's distracting??? That I have to keep her hair the same as every other child in her class??? SHE will be the only mixed, not of Hispanic descent, child in her class. There are only five other people in the whole town. Maybe I am being to sensitive to this but this makes no sense to me. Am I crazy?? Am I being oversensitive??