Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tacke It Tuesday

It's Tuesday again and I am trying to decide what I want to tackle. This week it has to be something small since I was out and about all day on Sat and it snowed/hailed/rained on Sunday. So I have a choice, I can clean the inside of my car or I can empty out the change jar. I think Savie is falling asleep as I type this so I may be able to empty the jar and fold and put away clothes while she is out. She really wants to help clean the car since I told her she can clean the windows so I don't want to do that without her. I will update later on when I have picked, and completed, one.


Well I did it, forgot to take pictures, but I did it. I got the back seat cleaned up, well just Savie's area to be honest. But I got the seat wiped down and the vaccuumed the underside of her area. I vacuumed the trunk of the Explorer but while waiting for the carpet freshener I decided to trim the tree and the rosebush and the rosemary ( I think that's that what hubby said that is) and man does my back hurt. Then before taking our shower I did the change jar and at last count it was $63.50 in change, not bad huh?