Sunday, March 9, 2008

A few things about me

The Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Mom has me blog hopping and checking out other moms. After reading some of the other blogs and seeing what they have I thought I should make a list myself of interesting facts about me (even though I don't like to talk about myself, lol). So here goes.

  1. I was born in San Jose, CA but grew up in Petaluma, CA.
  2. I am the 3rd child of 4 girls, no boys (sorry dad)
  3. I love to read, a lot!
  4. I taught myself to crochet and the first thing I made was a blanket for my niece (and she still uses it even though it's 10 yr old)
  5. My parents got divorced when I was a senior in high school
  6. I barely remember school
  7. I weigh more now then when I was pregnant
  8. I played soccer until I was 16, when I blew out my knee.
  9. I spent my entire freshmen year on crutches
  10. I was nicknamed "Gimp" my freshmen and sophomore year
  11. I got my first job the day after my 16th birthday.
  12. The longest I've ever had a job was 3 and a half years
  13. I have worked at all 3 big retail companies, Kmart, Target, and Walmart
  14. I am afraid of heights but can ride a plane
  15. I have never been on a road trip until I had my daughter, then I went on 4.......with her, lol
  16. I have driven from AZ to ID once but want to do it again
  17. I have an 8 yr English Pointer, Halley, that loves my daughter
  18. Halley knew when I went into labor
  19. I let Halley sleep in the bed when my husband is not home
  20. My husband is 25 yrs older than me
  21. I am not religious
  22. I didn't get married in a church and left my reception to go home to bed
  23. I breastfeed my daughter for the first 10 months, even while on the road
  24. I am not very close to my family
  25. I am kinda anti-social
  26. I love kids and animals
  27. I miss having chickens and rabbits and can't wait to move to have some again
  28. I am not a big meat eater. I don't eat steak, pork, or beef. I barely eat chicken and turkey and am semi-veg. I have a hard time eating meats where I can picture what part of the animal it came from.
  29. I am bi-sexual and my husband is ok with that
  30. I have an open marriage with my husband, meaning that we are open about everything (get your minds out of the gutter ladies, lol)
  31. I am not a girly person. I don't wear make-up or perfume (both set off my asthma)
  32. The only 'girly' thing I do is my nails and getting my hair done
  33. I burn off the back of my hair 5 yrs ago
  34. My favorite color is purple
  35. I love Betty Boop
  36. I am afraid of bugs and spiders, I can't kill them and will make my husband get up to get them, lol.
  37. I can shot a gun pretty good, or so says hubby
  38. I hate to cook but love to bake
  39. I also hate to clean
  40. I love to drive places but can't stand to let hubby drive, he goes to slow
  41. Did I mention I love to read?
  42. I love to watch the animals in my neighborhood
  43. I hate/love to go camping. It must be the right time of year, with a tent, a sleeping bag, and an air mattress
  44. This is the longest I have not worked (almost a year)
  45. I am addicted to buying lotions and soap. I have 5 different lotions and 3 different kinds of soap right now.
  46. I love watching movies, action movies to be exact. The Transporter is my favorite.
  47. I love watching CSI, Law & Orders and stuff like that. Hubby finds it kinda weird
  48. I am a night owl
  49. I can't sleep thru the night, so I stay up late to make up for it
  50. I have two bad knees, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve damage in both hands, am near and far sited. My dr 10 yrs ago said I had the body of a 60 yr old with all my aches and pains.
  51. I am one of the best friends to have
  52. I am one of the worst enemy to have
  53. Did I mention that I am easily distracted?