Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday


Wow it's Tuesday already? Well here is my little bit to tackling so far. I finally got around to planting all the flowers I bought. (I bought seeds not plants). Saturday I mixed soil with a neighbor so I should have some really good soil and be able to get something growing. Yesterday I pulled everything out of the bags, lined up the pots on the wall (so Savie could reach them) and started pulling dirt out of the garbage can. Savie did one pot at a time, making a mess of herself of course, but got all the pots full of dirt. I put the seeds in and let her water them. So far it's been 2 days and she has watered them everyday. The package on one said we should see sprouts in 2 weeks so keep your fingers crossed.

(something is wrong with my computer and I can't upload pictures but I will putting them up soon.)

Oh I forgot to mention I made myself a To Do list for today and that had about 20 things on it, most which I knew would get pushed to tomorrow but the thought was there, right? Any way the list included vacuuming my bedroom. Now this is a tackle for me. I live in a small trailer and there isn't much carpet so it should only take about 10 minutes to do it right? Yeah but that means that I have to pull the vacuum out of the second bedroom, clean up the big stuff on the floor (crayons, dolls, paper, etc) I should show just how bad the bedroom floor was, it was bad, take my word for it. Well that is my tackle for Tuesday but I have a lot more to do, lol.