Thursday, March 27, 2008

Would a Good Morning be so hard?

Sometimes I wish if K was going to call me early in the morning that it would be for a good reason. Just to say Good Morning. Not to tell me that her neighbor, from across the street, dog's was out (AGAIN) and was in her yard (AGAIN) and that her dog was trying to attack it. Now I am a dog lover and don't wish harm to any animal but I have no sympathy for her today. I have told her to call the cops every time this dog is out running loose, getting in her yard, whatever the case may be. If you don't call, the dog doesn't have a record of disturbances and they don't know to keep an eye out for him. I know this because I have called about the dog 2 streets over from me. See the post I wrote about that here.

Did you read it? Ok so now your caught up. The dog that is 2 streets over has charged me several times, not only when I have taken my dog for a walk but when it's just Savie and I. That is where I draw the line. I understand that dogs being dogs, they will protect what they see as theirs, but to charge me when I am walking with my daughter will get you hurt. It doesn't matter what the breed is so I won't even tell you what the dog is but I have called about this dog several times.Every time. Not just when I am with Savie. this dog needs to be controlled. I blame the dogs actions on the owner.

Why you ask? Ever you ever seen people let their dogs out on a deserted road and then take off? try to 'race' the dog home?Yeah well that's what this guys does. Across one of the few major streets that we have in town. Not that far from a blind curve where people are driving 45MPH. This dog is going to get hurt. I have almost hit it once. (Going to the store after dark almost didn't see it when I turned the corner, doesn't help that this is a dark colored dog.)

So if she's going to get upset because the dog finally gets into her yard and messes with her lamb. and dog. and puppies. I can't help her.