Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bad News in Bisbee

Well today was a bad day. I got up plenty early and had plenty of time to get ready to go into town so Savie could get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny but I just could not get myself into gear. So we didn't manage to get out here until 11 am, which is a good 2 hours later than I wanted to. As we were driving out of town, up the canyon I noticed a small fire burning up in the canyon. Now remember most of the town is set in a canyon somewhere which is why we will never live in 'Ol Bisbee, no parking and I am afraid of heights. I was hoping that it would be under control and went about my day. Made it to the mall pretty fast, got her picture taken with the Easter Bunny without any crying (Yeah for Savie!!!!!!) and then drove to the Farmer's Market. It wasn't as good as the Bisbee one but it was ok. (Got lots of good stuff, I will try and post links to then later on) Anyhoo drove back thru the canyon on the way home and say that the fire was getting bigger. I feel really bad for the people that live up there. There are a lot of house in the canyons and the roads are really narrow, I mean I can barely drive my Suburban up there.
Well it's 8:20 pm and the fire is still going. The local news (coming from a station that is a 2 hr drive from here) said at 5pm that it was up to 200 acres, there were 100 local firefighters working on the blaze (which includes volunteers) and more were on the way. I will be back on later to post some pictures and a update. I can see the fire from our living room window. It's a bad day here in Bisbee.